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Connecting people through the power of words, promoting literature to spark discussion, and expanding our understanding of the worldthis is Angela and Tara.

Angela K. Sherrill

Angela has distinguished herself in both indie bookselling and collection development by being an ardent advocate for young readers, as well as a solution-driven asset to leadership teams and advisory boards. From creating purposeful support materials for publishers to helping millennial library systems select and source content, the field of children’s books is both her profession and her passion.

Tara Baldridge

Tara has managed marketing and events, created product brochures and catalogs, and provided editorial support for multiple service-based industries, book professionals, and colleges. With an MFA in Creative Writing, she is devoted to creating content for a diverse population of readers. Sugar Mule Magazine: Women Writing Nature Anthology, The Heartland Review, and Midnight & Indigo Speculative Edition V2 have published Tara’s work.