Educator Guides

We love creating supplemental materials!

These resources act as highly visual physical and digital marketing materials that buyers and educators WANT to carry home from conferences and share with others. Educator guides and activity sheets are often the tipping point toward decisions to bring new material into a store, library, or classroom. 

In addition, building a quality framework, providing thoughtful prompts, and producing easily executed activities assist in further engaging readers with the text—often personalizing the messages within and forging a deeper understanding of the content and characters. 

It’s our honor to work with publishers in various editorial capacities, whether creating groundbreaking content for today’s visual learners (as we did for Encyclopedia Britannica), or devising educational guides and activity sheets for books with a wide range of social, emotional, historical, or instructional themes.

EMAIL US to discuss the possibilities of supplemental materials for titles you want to stand out from the crowd.

Publisher Showcasing

Sharing our unique experience as both indie buyers and wholesalers creates a deeper understanding between publishing and bookselling, especially for small and independent publishers. Our traditional bookselling experience and our agile literary services address marketplace limitations for publishers seeking to expand their opportunities in bookselling.

Talk to us about representation at conferences and trade shows, off-site events, and author tours.

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