Warm Welcome

What great neighbors! We’ve had such a good time getting to know everyone in our new community! From getting coffee (daily) from B-Sides Coffee + Tea, enjoying the conversation at Cakewalk Chicago, smelling chocolate from Sweet Freaks, and looking at the great fashion at Capsule, we are overjoyed to be a part of the 99th & Wood business district! Can’t wait to meet the rest of our new neighbors!!

5 days and counting!

What can we do in 5 days? Put an entire store together, that’s what! Bookish will be popping up on Wednesday, November 7th. For the next five days, we’ll be on a mission to transform our empty space into a literary experience. Gloves? Check! Tools? Check! Music? Check! Fear of ladders? Let’s put that aside for now! Follow us on social media to view our transformation, then visit us at

Our first project!

Varia’s first project is a pop-up shop! Bookish is geared to present a wonderfully curated collection of literature and literary related gifts to the discerning book lover. Customers will have 45 days to shop our collection, participate in our events, and become a part of Varia’s literary miscellany. Bookish A 45 day literary experience at 99th & Wood!  

We’re fun on social :)