Signed Copies

Signed Copies – Featuring Kate Hannigan One of the best perks of shopping at bookstores! Yes, we love signed copies, especially when they are personalized. It’s really the best book gift you can give. We’re excited to showcase signed and personalized copies of Kate Hannigan’s collection. Her work brings readers a glorious blend of history in stories of strong girls and exciting adventures.

Bookish Chicago Opening

Much like everyone in the independent book industry, we’ve adjusted to the changing times. While we’d love to be in a pop-up location, speaking directly with customers and watching their faces light up at the perfect book, it’s not the time. We still want to share the newest offerings with our friends and fellow readers. It’s really the best part of our job. Enter, Bookish Chicago. Yes, we’re popping up

Fun Times?

For the record, we really try to stay off social media during work (:-p). Working from home and being on a computer for hours on end, we can’t help but be dragged down the rabbit hole of relatable content. When we saw Reese Witherspoon’s challenge on twitter, we had to participate — with books, of course! It’s been a year, but at least we can read!


Most of us in the book world have had to pivot. Thankfully, when brick and mortar stores had to close, many were able to rely on their customer base for online orders. Several stores have even been able to expand their creative thinking with online events and activities. We’ve been both saddened and exhilarated by the changes in the book landscape. If nothing else, we know, there are readers out

We’re Open! 2516 N Lincoln

We’re open in Lincoln Park! Stop by and visit us for an amazing selection of highly curated books and new artisan vendors! We have events planned that everyone can enjoy! Follow us on Instagram @bookishchicagopopups for more information!

Bookish Lincoln Park – 2516 N Lincoln

Our newest pop-up is coming! We’re setting up shop at 2516 N. Lincoln! Come shop our curated book collection…we’ve got some new items just hitting the shelf that are a must see. And, don’t forget our artisans! We partner with the best specialty craftsman to bring high quality gifts that are hard to find. Follow us on Instagram to see what’s happening! Or, enter your email on our contact page

Plant Based Skate

    Two of our favorite things…reading and skating (but, mostly not at the same time)! Saturday, March 23rd, we’ll be at Markham Roller Rink! Strap on your quads, stretch out your skate legs and join us at the Plant Based Skate and Vegan Market. We have a great selection of books celebrating plant based living. From kitchen exploits for the experienced and the frugal to tomes on home gardening,

Surprise Story Time

  We are back to host a few events for February! Join us for Beverly author Quentin Forberg’s reading from his debut collection For Februus in Hiding on Friday, February 15th at 7pm. A perfect event for Valentines weekend as Forberg’s stories center around his search for peace in a world that is chaotic and sometimes cruel. It will definitely give you much to think and talk about over dinner.

Book Advent Calendar

Are you following us on social media? If you are, you’ll know we are celebrating 25 books in our #bookaday Advent Calendar. These 25 titles are ones we’d like to see under our own tree to read over the holiday break and into the New Year! It’s not as if we don’t already have a huge TBR pile, but we honestly just can’t resist! Maybe we can get our reading

Grand Opening!

Thank you all for joining us at our Grand Opening celebration! We had such a great time seeing our friends and supporters as well as getting to know some of the wonderful families and community members of Beverly. The catalyst for opening Bookish was a love of books AND a desire to talk and share literature with a diverse group of people. We are happy to have found a home

We’re fun on social :)